Monday, December 11, 2017

Fact of the Day: Kazakh Soviets

Kazakhstan while not as a big or well-known as Russia, was part of the Soviet Union. The native Kazakhs suffered greatly in their early days in the Soviet Union. When famines hit the nation, its estimated that 40% of its native people either died of starvation or fled the country. 

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Photo: Santa Phone

Our local Target had this cute little Christmas booth setup. Daisy here was trying to call Santa and ask for a truck of stuffed animals, but the call dropped under mysterious circumstances. 

Fact of the Day: New Romes

While the main Roman Empire fell in 476 (and the Byzantine Empire in 1453); the Frankish Empire, the Holy Roman Empire, and the Russian Tsardom (though Russia's was more inspired by the Byzantine Empire) were all attempts to revive the glory of Rome. 

Things I Like: Baby Bowser (Mario Series)

 Baby Bowser is the much younger form of Mario's nemesis Bowser. While he looks almost the same as his future-son Bowser Jr., we see him for the first time when Mario is a baby and Yoshi is trying to save Mario's brother Luigi. Bowser's caretaker Kamek wanted both Mario and Luigi to be Bowser's friends, kinda sad if you think about it.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Photos: Little Ones Christmas Presents Round Two

 Since Christmas is soon, we already got most of the gifts already under the tree. I decided to get my niece Little Iz this board game.