Saturday, August 19, 2017

Fact of the Day: Janusz Korczak

Janusz Korczak was a Jewish-Polish children's author and educator. Quite famous in his day, he was offered help to escape the Holocaust from friends, colleagues, and a few admirers in the German army itself. He refused all offers and used his last moments to raise the spirits of Jewish children around him who met the same fate as him. 

Friday, August 18, 2017

Photo: Hornet's Nest

One day Daisy and I went to Domino's Pizza. We ordered inside as we wanted to take a look at the other places in the same center. While walking down the sidewalk, I saw this fairly notable hornet's nest. I really wish places would take care of these problems. You don't even need a exterminator, with a good can of inexpensive hornet spray this little nest could be eliminated with ease

Steve Bannon Out of White House

While not officially part of the Trump Cabinet, Steve Bannon was a controversial choice as he was given a special job that had never been made before as Chief Strategist. Many accused Bannon of antisemitism and white nationalism in the present and past, and that certainly got him a job advising Donald Trump. It's rather unclear what made him get fired per se, but that's one less toxic person out of the White House at least. Since his position was made-up, he probably won't be replaced either. 

Things I Like: Little Caesar's Hot-N-Ready Lunch Combo

 When I was a kid, I remember when Little Caesar's was really good pizza. They dropped in quality since becoming the "cheap" pizza many years back. Everyone once in awhile I'll get one, but they do get old fast. However I like their new deep dish pizza combo which comes with a drink.

Fact of the Day: Puyi's Color

While monarchs typically got better educations than their subjects, in the case of China's last emperor Puyi that was not exactly the case. When he was 13, he knew almost nothing of math, science, or even where Beijing was located the world. He reunited with one of his brothers but became angry after he saw him wearing yellow. Puyi believed only the Emperor could wear yellow, but had to be corrected because any member of the Qing family could also wear it.